One of the more frustrating assumptions in the mix of modern parenting advice is the idea that all kids are born as identical clean slates. I suspect the increase in this attitude is partly due to the loss of large families. With the total fertility rate in Australia down to 1.88 children per woman, the [...]

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4 Key Features That Separate Successful Entrepreneurs From the Rest

It's one thing to be an entrepreneur, and yet another thing to be a successful one. What separates both of them is simply a combination of key features which when applied consistently and creatively goes a long way in determining the difference between success and failure. Let's take a long, hard look at these: 1. [...]

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Why the Way of Leadership Can Be That of Discipline

I have come across different leaders in different part of the world and one thing that I find common to all of them is the discipline they all possess. It is not wrong to say that exceptional Leadership is learnable but the way to go about it is the way of hard work and self-discipline. [...]

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Why You Need To Stop Procrastinating Now!

Ever heard the famous adage "Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today" Do you often find yourself doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and putting off important tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute" before a deadline? Like waiting until the last week to [...]