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If Friends Are the Family We Choose, How Can You Spot the Right Ones?

While we have no choice in the family we are born into, creating a family of friends is one of life's privileges where we actually have a choice in choosing who becomes a part and who doesn't. Seeing how much freedom this gives us, don't you think it would be wise to consider the following [...]

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5 Things Your Friends Should NEVER EVER Ask of You

You want to be there for friends, but should you do everything for them? No way! It does not mean that you are disloyal or unsupportive, just that there are some things that are too much to ask and would be wrong to do for a friend, no matter how much you cared about them. [...]

Should Business And Friendship Mix? These 5 Tips Will Help You Walk This Line Safely

At times, in the course of business, there exists a thin line between friendship and business especially when it involves selling a product or service to friends and loved ones. Yet, some business models are built around eliminating this divide: take as examples Mary Kay cosmetics, Forever Living products, GNLD, and others who encourage their [...]

What to Do When You Fall in Love With Your Friend

Have You Read the Signs Correctly? One reason people fall for their friends is that they develop feelings and believe their friend might feel the same way. Before you assume that, however, make sure you read the signs carefully. But the big question is: Does your friend feel the same way? Here are signs to [...]

What Would You Like To Be In Future? Use These 5 Steps To Find Out

While some people are fortunate enough to know what they want to do with the rest of their life, others are still not exactly sure even after leaving secondary school. So, what if you fall into the second group, how do you discover what type of career might be right for you? Consider some of [...]

Counting Down Until School Resumes? These 5 Scenarios Will Definitely Put You In the “Spirit of Resumption”

Are you counting down the days to resumption? 13 days to go...10 days, 9, 8 and so on? Perhaps, it's bittersweet for you - the fact that all those fun, lazy days are over and you will have to resume normal school routine, learn new material, and do homework (ugh!). But you also know that all [...]

3 Ways That Show That Being a Good Person Is Really Good For Business

If you asked Founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, he would tell you that doing good is good for business. But what does this really mean? According to an article on entrepreneur.com by Tyler Leslie, the key element to becoming a better businessperson is to become a better person first. You know, just like that [...]

Unlikely Friendship Between Goat and Tiger Ends After WEEKS OF BULLYING

Do you remember the video that trended about the unlikely friendship between a tiger and a goat? It appears that friendship has ultimately come to an end - for reasons you will completely understand. The long companionship between a Siberian tiger named Amur and a goat named Timur dissolved into a fight yesterday, January 29. [...]

What to Do When You Have No Friends?

Good friends, someone observed are a glass of something cold and sweet on a hot day. Just like that glass of pure bliss, you wonder what your life was like without them, and where they have been all your life. This is all fine and grand, but what if you don't have any - not [...]

What to Do When Your Friend Just Stops Talking to You

It can be maddening when a friend suddenly cuts you off, seemingly with no reason. You are probably driving yourself crazy trying to figure out why, but you might never know.  Here are some common reasons why a friend might stop talking to you, and what you can do. 1. You Did Something Wrong Chances [...]

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