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3 Benefits of TEEN-ADULT FRIENDSHIPS on Social Media That You Never Thought Of

There are lots of good reasons why adults are warned against befriending teenagers who are not family, even when their motives are honourable especially on social media. One of the reasons is that because teens are impressionable, and not as worldly and experienced as adults; it is possible for improper feelings to develop into a [...]

The 6 Codes of Great and Successful Friendships

A popular quote by Edna Buchanan says: Friends are the family we choose for ourselves And unlike the family we are born into, the choice of which we had no say; we get to choose our family of friends. Hence, for great and successful friendships, there are some codes to live by. Consider some of [...]

How to Apologize When You’ve Wronged Someone

First, be proud of yourself for changing. It's not easy to admit that you wronged someone. And it takes a lot of courage to try to make up for past nasty behaviour. Offering an apology to someone is a great first step toward starting over. If you can, take them aside and say: I want [...]

What Not to Do When You are Mad at a Friend

If you stay friends with someone for any length of time, chances are you will become angry at them at some point. We are all different in how we handle things, but even the most patient among us can do or say something hurtful in anger, which may damage a friendship. Remember that there are [...]

How To Make Really Good Friends And Keep Them Too

Show me someone who doesn't want a friend, and I will show you a flying horse! We all need friends - really good ones too - because they make our lives fuller, and more fun. Just think for a moment; would you rather play a game alone, or walk home from school by yourself? Or [...]