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Good grades

5 Benefits Of Having Good Grades That You Should Definitely Know About

What are the benefits of getting good grades? Would you say the benefits are just limited to being able to get into a good higher institution, and get a good job afterward? Or are there more than has been listed? Consider these five benefits of getting good grades, even as you are motivated by them. [...]

Are You a Picky Eater? You Can Jazz Up Your Eating Habit With These 5 Tasty Tips

Are you a picky eater? Does food put you off? Perhaps, the smell, taste, or texture are what bother you. And it could also be that you are not being creative enough with your food to give you the enthusiasm to eat. Check out some of the tasty tips you could follow below: 1. Rule [...]

#PNNE-Mentoring (Ifeanyi Okolo): 7 Essential Capabilities For Getting Good Grades

I believe that everyone and every student can get good grades if they REALLY want to, even if they have never done well before or if they struggle with learning. Of course, there is much more to school than getting good grades. In fact, you can get good grades and not learn a thing. But, [...]

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