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How to pass Exams

Some Tips To Help Teenagers Become Mentally-Organized And Academically Focused

Most teenagers are naturally disorganized. They leave their clothes littered on their room floors and their text/work books scattered across the house. And the same ways their belongings are disorganized are the same ways their thoughts are. Consequently, each time they return from school, studying is hardly their priority just because they can’t concentrate. School [...]

#PNNE-Mentoring (Ifeanyi Okolo): 4 Smart Study Habits for Getting Good Grades

As a student, you will have at your disposal a Study Time Table, yet you are finding it difficult to study. But before we get to the "how to develop smart study habits" part, let's understand what are habits and why you should study. What Exactly Are Habits? According to an English Poet, he said, [...]

Want to always pass your exams? Here is the SECRET

While many students opt for the all night cramming sessions, those who rest and reflect on what they have learnt are most likely to do well, researchers say. It was concluded that our learning ability are boosted when people allow their minds to rest and reflect on things they've learned. The researchers say their findings [...]

#PNNE-Mentoring (Ifeanyi Okolo): 10 Proven Ways to Achieve Academic Excellence

Being a student is both rewarding and challenging. The rewarding part of being a student is in the achieving of academic excellence. While the challenging part has to do with the choices you make to develop the capabilities to achieving academic excellence. And these choices can make or break the rewards (of academic success that [...]

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The smartest study tricks EVER that ensure you always remember the answers

It is very frustrating to have to chew your pen during examination trying to get an answer out of your brain after studying really hard. But the good news is, you do not really have to stress yourself to that much to get information out of the brain .The brain is a complex organ and [...]

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