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5 Ways To Identify a Terribly Bad Teacher

I will bet you have been in situations where you wonder if a certain teacher really deserves to be called that! It appears some of them stumbled into it; like they took up the offer only because there was nothing better. Well, I have been there too. So, here is a little test - who says [...]

7 Great Ways A Student Can Learn Anything !

Talk, read and write about it, you can also spell the words out loud. This will allow whatever it is that you are studying to sink deeply into your brain. If you find it difficult to read for long hours at a stretch, break it down into bits. Write as much as you read, it [...]

Am I Dumb If I Am Not Doing Well In School?

SMART The answer to the above posed question is a hefty No! In as much as you have a functional brain, then you can learn the things you need to function well in society. The problem here could be that the learning style employed at school does not fit you best, your own [...]