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To Get Others To Give You Their Money, You Need To Be a Master Of These 5 Methods

Whatever way you look at it, we are all involved in the business of buying and selling something. Whether it is asking your parents for pocket money, trying to get your siblings to trade something with you, or convincing your friends to buy something you are offering. This being the case, how can you make [...]

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What a BUSINESS PLAN Is. And Why You Need To Know How To Draft One

Financial experts and entrepreneurs will tell you that a business plan is to an enterprise what dated goals are to a successful life. In other words, an enterprise is more likely to be successful when all involved know the details of what they hope to achieve and their roles in realising them. If this be [...]

4 Ways To Check If Your Idea Is Both Valuable And Worth Paying For

The world revolves around creating value that people are willing to pay good money for. Yet, it is impossible for you to to do one without the other, and nothing more important than selling your own ideas? But how do you get people to listen to what you have to say?  1. Choose Simplicity Over [...]

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Why All That Stands Between You and Success Is ONE PERFECTLY EXECUTED IDEA

In a post by Michael Luscher on entrepreneur.com, he writes about how doing one thing extremely well, refining the process, and doing it again are the ingredients for building any successful enterprise around a single idea. Focusing on one idea means that everything you do will revolve around it. While there are plenty of people with [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Business Studies – JSS2}: Distribution

Business Studies JSS 2 Week 3 Topic: Distribution I Contents: Meaning of Distribution Channels of Distribution Functions of the wholesalers to the Manufacturer Functions of the wholesalers to the Retailer A. Meaning of Distribution It is the action of sharing something out among a number of recipients. It is the way in which something is [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Business Studies – JSS2}: Market

Business Studies Jss 2 Week 2 Topic: Market II Contents: Methods of buying and selling Procedures for buying and selling For previous note on Market, visit: https://passnownow.com/namaste-lesson/market/ A. Methods of buying and selling Buying can be defined as the possessing or acquisition of goods by paying a certain amount of money as price for the goods. Sellers [...]