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Pope Gregory XIII

NOVEMBER – The Story of a King, Numbers, and Change

Did you know that the word novem in November means nine in Latin? Putting two and two together will tell you that at a point in time, November was the ninth month of the calendar. So, what changed? How did it become the eleventh month? If you have been following our articles on the months of the [...]

What Happened in the Year Our Calendar Lost 11 Days?

Imagine going to bed tonight as your calendar reads November 2, 2016; only to wake up the next morning and be told the new day is November 14, 2016! You invariably have lost 11 days!! Yet this was exactly what happened in Britain on September 2, 1752. Exactly what could have warranted this? Let's take a [...]

Why Do We Have LEAP YEARS?

If you are not aware already, the year 2016 is a leap year! This means that instead of 28 days in February, we would have 29 days. That said, what is the origin of the leap year? What are the criteria for a leap day, and how is it calculated? Origin of the Leap Year [...]