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Ask A Scientist: What are Hormones?

What Are Hormones? They are types of chemical that the body uses to send a signal from one body part to another. A hormone might be made in the brain, released into the blood and travel to some distant organ, such as the kidney. When it reaches the kidney, this chemical will usually trigger some [...]

5 Scenarios Every Student Who Has Ever Been In a Class On Reproduction Know So Well

In secondary school, the time eventually comes when you are taught Reproduction in Biology class. Yes, that momentous time when before the whole class, your teacher says things about your bodies and even draws them on the board! If you haven't had this experience yet, trust me, your time will come. And as a homage [...]

For Boys: My Body is Changing, Tell Me What is Happening

The onset of puberty—the stage of life in which you become physically mature—is a period when you enter one of life’s greatest transitions. In a sense, you’re moving to a whole new “neighborhood.” The name of which is called Adulthood But the move to adulthood can bring about mixed feelings, and it may not be [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Biology- SS1}: Human Reproduction

What is Reproduction Reproduction means the act of bringing to life young ones that are of the same species. In other word, reproduction is the creation of a new individual or individuals from previously existing individuals. Types of Reproduction There are two types of reproduction. These are: Asexual Reproduction: Only one organism divides to form [...]

Sex Education For Teens: 6 Things Parents & Teachers Are Guilty Of

Studies show that not only does sex education keep students safer, it also encourages students to wait. With facts like these, why aren’t more schools teaching things that students really need to know? It’s disappointing, concerning, and really discouraging. Sex is a huge part of our world, and there’s no getting around it. School administrators, [...]