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Classwork Series { Basic Technology – JSS2}: Information and Communication Technology

Basic Technology,JSS 2 First Term, Week 2  Topic: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ICT is an acronym that stands for Information and Communication Technology. ICT covers a broad spectrum of activities involving production, processing and distribution of information and knowledge. The basic element of ICT and the determinants of level of access to it are [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Science – JSS3}: Ethical Issues in Science and Development

Week 7 Topic: Ethical Issues in Science and Development Introduction Over the years science has developed many processes and products which have conferred on the subject the formidable stature it has at the present time. Science could be used productively, such as in the production of food, curing of diseases, earning income for nations and [...]

For Science Sake! Is It a Hurricane or a Typhoon?

Listening to the news with your parents, you probably have heard the words, hurricane and typhoon. What are they? Do they mean the same thing? Let Science answer those questions. A hurricane and a typhoon refer to the same weather event, just in different locations. Let's take rice as an example, different tribes in Nigeria [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Science – JSS1}: Satellites

Week 3 Topic: Satellites Introduction In space, it is often difficult to decide which is the “satellite” in a pair of bodies. This is because all objects that have mass (quantity of matter in a body) are affected by gravity. The motion of the primary object is also affected by the satellite. Meaning of Satellite [...]

Biology – Organ Of Hearing {The Ear}

 Biology Topic: Organ of Hearing The Ear The ear is the organ of hearing and, in mammals, balance. In mammals, the ear is usually described as having three parts—the outer ear, middle ear and the inner ear. Sound funnels through the pinna into the external auditory canal, a short tube that ends at the eardrum [...]

Science Explains the Reason Your Hands Get Wrinkly After Exposure To Water

Dip your hands in water long enough, either while washing dishes or clothes, and you will notice the skin on your hands has become wrinkly! That's so very true! I can hear you gasp. But have you ever wondered why this is especially so, considering how skin covering the rest of your body and which you [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Science – JSS1}: Meaning of Science

Basic Science JSS 1 Week 2 Topic: Meaning of Science Introduction Science can be defined as the knowledge obtained by observation and testing of facts. It can also be referred to as the knowledge about the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world based on facts that can be prove such as an [...]

Biology – Care To Know How Your Excretory System Works? Read This!!!

Topic: Excretory Mechanism Introduction - Excretion Excretion is the process by which the body of human beings gets rid of or remove unwanted metabolic wastes e.g. urine, bile, carbon (iv) oxide, etc. Excretion, the process by which animals rid themselves of waste products and of the nitrogenous by-products of metabolism. Through excretion organisms control osmotic [...]

If STEM Education Is the Future, What Must Students Do To Be Successful At It?

If you are observant, you would have come across the word STEM; be it on radio, TV or the internet. What exactly is it? Why is it everyone talking about it? Why is is so important for students? And how can they be successful at it. Put simply, STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. [...]


On Tuesday, June 14, Oracle - a leading business software maker - donated ₦597 million to an earlier ₦40 billion support fund targeted at empowering and engaging girls and women worldwide into studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM. While the first installation was to encourage young people around the world to study STEM, this [...]

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