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This is the examination taken by candidates in their last stage of Secondary Education. The SSCE is in two categories. One is for candidates in the third and final year of their secondary education and it is called SSCE Internal. The Second is SSCE External and is for candidates not in the School system.  The [...]

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5 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur That You Already Exhibit as a Student

Many times, people talk about qualities you should develop for success. But aren't there things to learn from qualities you already possess, and especially how they can contribute to your success when you take time to identify and enhance them. Consider the 5... 1. Resilience When faced with difficult problems in your school work, are [...]


ATTENDANCE: "A" students have virtually perfect attendance. Their commitment to the class is a high priority and exceeds other temptations. PREPARATION: "A" students are prepared for class. They always read the assignment. Their attention to detail is such that they occasionally can elaborate on class examples. CURIOSITY: "A" students demonstrate interest in the class and [...]

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TIPS FOR TEACHERS: 5 Proven Ways to Engage Students In Your Classroom

No matter what subject they teach or what age group their students fall into, all teachers face the same basic challenge: They have to find a way to actively engage students in the learning process. Today’s learners tend to respond best to interactive teaching methods, so many instructors have integrated technology into their lesson plans. [...]

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Reasons Students Have Headache During Exams…. Here’s the Way Out.

Many people experience headaches, often due to triggers related to their age, gender, health and overall lifestyle. Secondary school students are no different. In fact, these young and seemingly healthy individuals often lead lifestyles that put them at a very high risk for headaches. Nearly all headaches experienced by Secondary school students are tension-type headaches. [...]

4 Reasons Students Fear Examinations

Most students regularly become excessively nervous before and during an exam. If you are that type of student, you may have "testophobia". It is mostly called "examinophobia" or "exam fever". It is a very common phenomenon among students most especially when an important examination is at their door step. It is disheartening that exam fever affects [...]

2015 UBA National Essay Competition For Senior Secondary School Students: Have You Entered Yet?

Managing Director/CEO, UBA Foundation, Ms Ijeoma Aso; Deputy CEO, UBA Africa, Mr. Emeke Iweriebor; Director, Marketing and Corporate Relations, UBA Africa, Mrs Bola Atta, with students of secondary schools, during the launch of the 2015 edition of National Essay Competition for Senior Secondary School students in Nigeria, organised by UBA Foundation, held at UBA [...]

World Teachers’ Day 2015: 5 Cool Ways to Appreciate Your Favourite Teacher

World Teachers' Day, held annually on October 5 since 1994, commemorates teachers’ organisations worldwide. Its aim is to mobilise support for teachers and to ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers. A teacher isn’t just an instructor. They are a mentor, a guide, a counselor, a protector and [...]

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What your teacher wants you to know (but might not tell you)

The rapports that you create with your teachers can greatly influence your school experience. To ensure that the relationships you have with your teachers are the best they can be, try to understand these six things teachers want from you, but won’t necessarily say them to you: 1. I show up to class. I want [...]

7 Characteristics of A Digitally Competent Teacher

What does being a ‘digitally competent’ teacher mean? Does it mean using laptops, smartphones, or tablets in the classroom? Does it mean finding new and interesting ways to use those devices along with apps and web tools?  What level of expertise with technology constitutes ‘competent’? Or does the concept encompass more than that?  Just like [...]

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