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Study Habits

Study habits for success: tips for students

Focus! And don’t multi-task Our brains are impressive machines, but they can’t handle everything at once. There is simply too much going on in our sensory environment for us to digest. To be effective, we need to direct our attention to just one or two tasks at a time. That generally means no background music [...]

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Why Do Students Hate Studying?

To some teenagers, study times are hard times. They just can’t cope with it! To them, it’s so difficult  to concentrate and learn even though their grades and future depend on how well they study. These teenagers would rather spend their time playing video games or performing other less-intellectually strenuous activities other than studying. There [...]

5 Bad Study Habits Holding You Back From Success, Complete With Their Solutions

Is it possible to study for a test or exam, and still do poorly on it? Now, some of you might say that's downright impossible! But the truth is that it has been known to happen. Should this happen to you, don't you go thinking it's the handiwork of some wicked individual after your destiny, [...]

How to Create New and Effective Study Habits for the New Term

The term is still spanking new and fresh, just two or three weeks gone at most. This makes this period the best possible time to revamp your old study habits (if they did not work for you last term), and adopt a new, more effective one. Perhaps, there's nothing to change in the old one, [...]

#PNNE-Mentoring (Ifeanyi Okolo): 4 Smart Study Habits for Getting Good Grades

As a student, you will have at your disposal a Study Time Table, yet you are finding it difficult to study. But before we get to the "how to develop smart study habits" part, let's understand what are habits and why you should study. What Exactly Are Habits? According to an English Poet, he said, [...]