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Teaching Methodology- Different Types Of Teaching Methods

Styles of teaching can highly impact the efficiency at which students grasp the knowledge that is been passed on to them by their tutor or teacher, in this article we will discuss four main types of teaching methodology that has its pros and cons. 1. Teacher-Centered Instruction Recognized as the most conventional approach, the teacher-centered [...]

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Ways To Improve Your Teaching Ability  As a Teacher

Ways to improve your teaching ability  as a teacher Teachers are some of the hardest-working people in our society. They put in hours upon hours and overtime each week, and they take on jobs that most people couldn't handle for a day, let alone a lifetime. Because teachers deal with so much, it's important that they [...]

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Live streaming may be one of the more effective ways to engage your students in the learning process. The concept of live streaming has generated immense popularity on social media platforms. If you’ve recorded or watched a live vlog, then already you’ve been part of live streaming. Maybe you’ve engaged with live streaming by marking [...]

This Is For Teachers: How To Become Highly Efficient In Front Of The Classroom

It’s imperative for anyone who must stand before a classroom and teach students to be highly qualified and efficient. This is definitely non-negotiable! I mean...so many young minds are in the hands of teachers to be shaped and reshaped; as such no teacher can afford to teach nonsense. For this reason, it is important that [...]

How to Become Your Teachers’ Favourite Student

1. Keep up with your school work. Teachers hate nothing more than having to force students to do their homework and see the kids' eyes roll (that can sometimes be insulting). If you really want to be a teacher's favourite, do extra work or put extra effort into all of your work. Who knows, you [...]

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5 Better Ways To Say ‘I Don’t Know’ In The Classroom

Most times when we’re asked a question, we are too often likely to say we don’t know just because the answer doesn’t easily come to mind. Are you fond of answering a question with the response “I don’t know” in the classroom? Perhaps you should consider no longer saying that phrase and instead say these [...]

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How Facebook Can Be A Great Addition To Daily Classroom Routine

Although students (and to be honest, teachers too) may sneak onto Facebook during the school hours to read or post updates, is there a reason to encourage this behaviour? There is no doubt that the usefulness of Facebook in Education is growing. Educators are beginning to realise the powerful potential that Facebook has in the [...]

What Students Really Want From Teachers

In teaching and learning, teachers have a very important task of not only making the subject fun for their students, but also keeping the students interested in coming to class, either through their personality or teaching strategy There is a one to one correspondence with a teacher's way of teaching and what a student learns. [...]

Education stakeholders divided over minimum teaching qualification

The plans by the Federal Ministry of Education to make bachelor’s degree the minimum teaching qualification in Nigeria has continued to generate mixed reactions from stakeholders in the sector, with some viewing the decision as a tall order, while some others say it will make Nigeria be at par with global best practices, as well [...]

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