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Cutting edge classroom technology from 2000 was decidedly less advanced than what the average student can expect today. Educational videos were often shown on video tapes with a TV and VCR that were wheeled into the room. Overhead projectors and floppy disks were classroom staples, and blackboards were still to the go-to teaching tool. In [...]

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How Teens Can Pass Their Essay Examinations with Flying Colours

Although the subjects and the occasions may vary, the basic steps involved in composing an effective essay under strict time limit are essentially the same. Know the material or topic: the most important step in preparing to take an essay exam begins weeks before the actual exam date: Keep up with all assigned readings, participate [...]

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JSS2 Basic Technology Third Term – Transmission of Electricity

JSS 2 BASIC TECH THIRD TERM Week 6 Topic: TRANSMISSION OF ELECTRICITY INTRODUCTION When electricity is supplied to various consumers, e.g. domestic and industrial premises, it is said to be distributed. All distribution in Nigeria are carried out with Alternating Current (AC) system. The following (AC) supply systems are available by the Power Holding [...]

SS1 English Language Third Term: Writing Skills: Scanning, Structure: Conjuncts, Disjuncts, Determiners and Qualifiers.

Writing Skills:  Scanning Scanning means reading very quickly through a text to find specific information. When you scan, you don’t read all the words on the page. You let your eye move over the page quickly to pick out the information you want. Skills Focus: How Link words help us Scan. In a well developed [...]

Here are some of the Things that happen to Teenagers when they are infatuated

 Have you ever been infatuated? Well if you have, you'd have noticed the following weird behaviours... When you can't help but break into a grin whenever the name of your crush comes up in conversation. And then  when your friends notice, you go like What, me, beaming like an idiot? Noway. There's no way my cheeks [...]

Teens! What do you Know about Sexual Abuse?

Let us get one thing straight; shall we? Now when a teenager says he or she was sexually abused, this doesn’t necessarily mean he or she was raped. There are different forms of sexual abuse. Just imagine that a mentor or an elderly person who is supposed to look after you turns around and asks [...]

Important Geometry Symbols for Math Students

  Symbol Symbol Name Meaning / definition Example ∠ angle formed by two rays ∠ABC = 30° measured angle   ABC = 30° spherical angle   AOB = 30° ∟ right angle = 90° α = 90° ° degree 1 turn = 360° α = 60° deg degree 1 turn = 360deg α = 60deg [...]

Do You Like Talking About Technology? Then Enter the WITB ESSAY CONTEST And Win Fantastic Prizes!

OPPORTUNITY OFFERED: Essay WHO IS ELIGIBLE? The competition is free and open to all writers ESSAY TOPIC: You can write on any topic related to technology, or pick ONE of the two topics below: How Movies Affect Our Lives       2. How Android Changed The World REWARD OFFERED: 1st Prize (1 winner) : [...]

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Basic Science {JSS3}: Skill Acquisition

Basic Science Topic: Skill Acquisition Content - Meaning of Skill Acquisition Reasons for Skill Acquisition Types of Skills Importance of Skill Acquisition Introduction We are living in a very competitive age in which the employers of labour want to hire only the best applicants while the applicant wants to sell his or her services to [...]

Computer Science – Benefit of the Internet

Computer Science SS1 Third Term Week 2 Topic: BENEFITS OF THE INTERNET BENEFITS OF THE INTERNET The benefits of the internet are as follows: INFORMATION: The internet gives you access to information on any subjects of your interest. This makes the internet a valuable research tool. Most sources such as news paper and magazines have websites and [...]

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