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Sex Education: What every Teen Needs to Know

Every single day, a teenager somewhere experiences puberty; those dramatic bodily changes that herald active sexual maturity. In the light of this, there is a need to continually teach these teenagers everything they need  about sex. That said, take your time and read through the fast facts about sex education. We hope you learn! First [...]

Important Reasons why Teenagers should be encouraged to start coding

Not too long ago, the Co-Creation Hub in Lagos came up with an initiative targeted at young people (teenagers to be specific), with the aim of teaching them basic software engineering skills. This is something unheard of in this part of the world; something that would have been thought impossible just a few years ago. [...]

Incredible Places Part One: The Atlantic Ocean Road

The Atlantic Ocean Road is no doubt an architectural masterpiece. But beyond that, it is also what I like to call an architectural monstrosity! When I first learnt about the place, the first thing that occurred to my Nigerian mind was that such a road couldn't possibly exist. I mean...imagine building a highway (and I [...]

How can teens handle their friends’ Success even when they themselves aren’t succeeding?

So imagine that you have written JAMB severally and failed each time and most [if not all] of your friends from secondary school have all gotten admitted into tertiary institutions of various types. You will be happy for your friends most expectedly. Yet deep down within your inner self, you will feel serious resentment for [...]

Here are some beloved Celebrities and their Dates of Birth

So far here on Passnownow.com we've been able to establish that truly, Nigerian teens have some love for their celebrities. But but I digress; pardon that. The reason for writing this post is to acquaint you with a few more details about your favourite celebrities just so you could get to know them even more. And [...]

What Love Is Not !!!

What  Love Is Not  1. Love is not what You feel in an initial attraction There is something amazing that people feel in those early stages of attraction. We all have had those feelings … and they are addictive. Scientists and researchers know that there is truly a change in brain chemistry that produces the [...]

5 Tips to Help You Manage School Anxiety and Stress

Everyone deals with stress. It is an unfortunate reality of human nature. There are expectations that aren't always met and events that occur outside of our control. For many teens, a large source of this stress is school-related. On top of juggling extracurricular activities and a social life, we have to manage homework and studying [...]

Classwork Exercise and Series (Mathematics-JSS3): Similarity And Enlargement

Similarity and Congruence Two objects are similar if they have the same shape, so that one is an enlargement of the other. Two objects are congruent if they are the same shape and size. Corresponding angles are equal. Corresponding lengths are in the same ratio - they have the same Scale Factor. The scale factor is greater than 1 for an enlargement. The scale factor [...]

Beauty Tips: How To Avoid Receding Hairlines

If you've encountered people with receding hairlines, you probably won't like to have it. Receding hairline or balding edges means ​losing the ​hair from the ​front of your ​head. If you have balding hairlines you may have to start concealing your receding edges with fringes and bangs (because you don't want to be laughed at by your [...]

No, you really CAN’T study while texting: Study finds teens struggle with multitasking

Teens are often seen trying to study while listening to music, watching TV and juggling texts and tweets. But new research by two final year school girls, overseen by Stanford University, found that 85 per cent of young people struggle to perform simple tasks when distracted by music, phones or email. For a fortunate 15 [...]

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