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Teaching Leadership Skills to Teens: what they must know

Basically, leadership involves the ability to use a set of skills, including the ability to inspire and motivate others, effectively communicate to them, influence them for the good and come up with thoughtful actions. A good leader is therefore someone who possesses the above skills is good at taking initiative, making and executing plans and [...]

Understanding Body Image and Appearance in Teens: What Parents and Teachers can do to Help Teens Build Positive Self Image

Do you find it funny how difficult it usually is to persuade toddlers to take a shower only for them to grow into teenagehood and become all too particular about their looks? This is perhaps common to the girls who do not only spend excessive amount of time dressing up and then rush every mirror [...]

9 Most Annoying Things Adults Say To Teens About Love

It's pretty much inevitable that, at some point during your teen years, you'll be rejected or dumped or even heart broken. And when that happens, it's likely that a well-meaning parent or mentor will try to cheer you up with some unsolicited, cliché advice. Here are the most common pearls of cringe-inducing adult wisdom -- [...]

CIAPS Public Interest Essay Competition 2016

The CIAPS Public Interest Essay themed “Nigerian Recession: Diagnosis & Prognosis” which has a total of one million naira (N1million) Prize is opened to Students, Graduates, Professionals, Academics and all Stakeholders with interest in and understanding of the Nigerian economy. Application Deadline: 12am 29th November 2016 Eligible Countries: Nigeria To be taken at (country): Nigeria About the Award: For the [...]

Teens: Learn From The Campus Experience of a Student (2)

On January 8, 2000, I resumed to campus from my long holiday as a sophomore hanging precariously on a 2.5 G.P.A and poised for failure on the slightest un-seriousness. I no longer had passion or zest for my study let alone other academic related issues. A life of profligacy and prodigality had eaten up my [...]

Teens: Learn How to Debate

There are countless types of debates, ranging from British Parliamentary to Policy Debates. This article will go over some general facts about debating. Steps Study previous debates. That being said, don't steal the contentions made in that debate word-for-word. There's nothing more enlightening than watching others debate and listening to their style of speaking, strategies, [...]

You are what you DRESS: How your self-esteem & Confidence are significantly tied to your clothing

What’s the secret to being confident? Some people believe it's having a positive mental attitude, while others claim it's being wealthy. But according to one researcher, the answer may in fact lie in what we’re wearing. Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire said that specific clothing - including even superhero T-shirts - can [...]

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4 Reasons Sleeping Late Is Not A Good Idea For Teenagers

Late Sleeping is a very common behaviour among teenagers; they never know how bad it is, Here are some reasons why a teenager should not sleep late. Late nights sometimes aren’t that productive:  If you are staying up late to get work done perhaps you need to rethink your strategy. Check out your late night work [...]

Girl Talk: What Makes Guys Think Girls Are Too Clingy

Hi Admin, Do boys get annoyed if a girl is too clingy? If so, what does a girl do that makes you think they are clingy? In reality, I think the lines between “clingy” and “really, really interested” are often blurred for both guys and girls. Because every person has their own threshold for giving [...]

‘My Teacher Hates Me, What Can I Do?’ (Answered)

There is no doubt, certain students and their teacher do not just click. A number of reasons can be attributed to this. Some students' unruly behaviour may be the reason why they get a bad rap from their teachers. A bad relationship may also have resulted because a student thinks his teacher is boring or [...]

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