Basically, leadership involves the ability to use a set of skills, including the ability to inspire and motivate others, effectively communicate to them, influence them for the good and come up with thoughtful actions. A good leader is therefore someone who possesses the above skills is good at taking initiative, making and executing plans and much more.

Possessing the needful skills for effective leadership is very necessary, especially now when everyone is virtually a leader in their own little space. Therefore, for teenagers who aim to be successful, learning how to lead is non-negotiable. The world has gone past the time when all you needed to do is to get degrees and get employed. Instead, organizations these days want to see how effective you can be leading others; hence the need to acquire leadership skills.  In this light I am helping out with a few tips on effective leadership. I hope you learn a few things.


1. Good Leaders must communicate well

2. Good Leaders show Respect to others

3. Good Leaders show Strength in the face of trouble

4. Good Leaders are people you can rely on

5. Good leaders are charismatic 

6. Leaders are humane; compassionate  

7. Good Leaders solve real human Problems