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Celebrity of the Week: Tekno Miles

Popular Nigerian RnB singer, music producer and song writer, Tekno Miles (real name Augustine Miles Kelechi) is officially our celebrity of the week! Tekno was born on December 17th, 1992 to Ebonyi parents who lived in different parts of northern Nigeria [includin Bauchi, Kaduna, Abuja and Nassarawa) due to his father's military career. At the age of [...]

Here is why every Teen should celebrate the Women in their Lives today

Today is International Women's Day, a special day dedicated towards celebrating the various achievements of women in the world. These achievements cut across all spheres of human life- social, economic, cultural, political and even familial. In a place like Nigeria, celebrating dedicating a day like this to celebrate womanhood is most imperative considering the many [...]

Five reasons why Nigerian Teens like Korede Bello

Typically, Nigerian teenagers have some love for their celebrities. But the kind of love they have for Korede Bello is simply just special. Whenever a discussion about him comes up, almost every teen get instantly excited. The same thing happens when his song is played on the radio or on MTV Base. Nobody even bothers [...]

Asides being hilarious, Falz’s new song “Wehdon sah” teaches important morals Teens must learn

Over the weekend, I was at home watching some TV when the music video for Falz's newest hit song began to play. Normally, I was captivated because just like the rest of you, I think the guy is entertaining. So I watched the video from beginning to end and enjoyed it. But just as much [...]

How the atmosphere at homes affect Teens’ learning and Academic Performance

The academic performance of students has a lot to do with the situations in their homes just as much as it has to do with their ability to study hard. After all, the homes are where they live, spend a great number of hours every day and have the most factors influencing them. As such, [...]

Financial mistakes every Teen must avoid making

Let me be brief with this by going straight to the point to enumerate the financial mistakes every teen must learn to avoid. Please be money-wise. Avoid these- 1. NOT ENSURING TO BECOME FINANCIALLY LITERATE 2. FORGETTING TO BUDGET 3. FAILURE SAVING AN EMERGENCY FUND 4. BUYING NEW THINGS ALL THE TIME 5. RELYING ON [...]

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Boys! Do you want to grow some Beards faster? Let me show you the Secrets

Teenagers, especially the male ones, always wish they could look older than their actual age. For them, the ability to look older than their actual age[s] would help them to assert their independence and maybe even woo the girls. But then boys have one thing to their disadvantage- their hormones which typically tend to develop [...]

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Here are some of the things Students should be taught about Public Speaking

Public speaking is one essential skill every student must endeavour to possess. It is needful throughout one’s academic pursuit and will be also be useful even while one is finally engaged in the corporate world. Unfortunately, many young people in Nigeria can hardly speak fluently before a crowd. And this is mainly because schools fail [...]

How can Teens deal with Infatuation?

It is a normal thing for teenagers to develop crushes for one another every now and then. But what aren’t normal are the crazy things teenagers would most likely do to get the attention of their crush. Indeed, some teenagers do some seriously weird things when they are infatuated. And the sad thing is that [...]

Classwork Exercise and Series (Economics- SS3): Public Finance

Meaning of Public finance Public Finance can be defined as the collection of taxes from those who benefit from the provision of public goods by the governments and the use of those tax funds towards production and distribution of the public goods. Public finance is the study of the role of the government in the [...]

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