Here is a list of 5 peculiar things that guys need to totally STOP doing when their heart begins to flutter for a girl:

1. Cyber-stalking: Imagine waking up to a thousand notifications from a person you have just met, he has not only liked each and every picture of yours but has also made a point to comment on them. Well, it is bound to send a shiver down your spine picturing that the guy dug into your social media profile all through the night.

2. Bragging about money: It’s an earnest request to all the guys out there, please STOP thinking that she needs your money. It’s nothing more satisfying for a gurl to live on her own and being able to buy whatever she needs with her own hard-earned money. So, please refrain from bragging how rich you’re, even though, inadvertently, as you cannot buy her love with money.

3. Incessant texting: You have just entered her life and you want minute-by-minute updates from her. Wasn’t she eating food properly before she met you or can’t she sleep without a ‘good night’ message from you? It’s irksome and you come across as pushy. Girls see these guys as potential psycho stalkers and want to run away from them.

4. Relentless calls: There’s always a reason why someone hasn’t reverted to your text or phone call. Making frantic calls won’t make a difference when a person is busy or has decided not to talk to you. This just means that you’re clingy and aren’t busy enough to have a life of your own.

5. Paying for everything: So both of you went for lunch and ate equally. Why should one person be bearing the cost of the entire meal? It’s completely okay if you both pay alternatively but it’s unacceptable when someone whips out their wallet every time they see a cash register. This just starts to make her feel that the dude wants her to be indebted to him, whereas splitting the cost makes her feel equally respected.