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Frank Olusegun (Teacher in Lagos State)
Passnownow.com is really awesome. It has helped me a whole lot. It is even better than having a textbook. I have already recommended it to other teachers I work with.
Isiaka Oladipupo (Student in Ekiti State)
Passnownow.com has been of tremendous assistance to me in terms of my lesson notes and delivering in the classroom. I am so pleased.
DaveTobe Anne Anne (Parent in Lagos State)
Passnownow has exposed me as a parent to information and it has been very important for my kids. When I discovered it, I was so pleased and decided to engage my children.
Jude Oludele (School Owner in Enugu State)
Wonderful! Simply Wonderful! I am a school owner and I have enjoyed using your website and its resources. I will get all my teachers on board in the coming weeks. Thanks.
Abdulmalik Mohammed (Teacher in Kano State)
Passnownow.com has sincerely been of so much help in terms of lesson notes and I even give some out to my colleagues.
Obadare Samuel (Parent in Osun State)
Passnownow has helped my kids a lot especially with their assignments and it has also helped them to improve academically. Thank you Passnownow.
Nuru Hikimah (Teacher in Oyo State)
Passnownow.com has done something great for me. It relates with the textbook I use and everything is in line with all I need to teach my students. Thank you Passnownow.
Joseph Nnaemeka (Teacher in Abia State)
Passnownow.com is doing really well for me personally and I am enjoying it. In fact words are not enough to express how much value I am getting from it.
Lilychose Chisom (Student in Anambra State)
I use Passnownow to revise after classes and I go there to get more facts about what I have been taught.
Halima Muhammed (Teacher in Kaduna)
I have been using it to teach my students. I love the content because it is easy to use and access.

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Zuriel Oduwole Endorses Passnownow

Passnownow.com has sincerely been so much help in terms of lesson notes and I even give some out to my colleagues.

Zuriel Oduwole

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