Long nails have a way of taking over, constantly breaking through their owner’s consciousness and adapting their own identity and demands. Really, it’s impossible not to feel or care for them, and while that may be fascinating and heady at first, long nails are indeed a dangerous trap especially for teenagers. There are a lot of reasons you should keep your nails clipped, filed, and out of your way, but the most important ones have got to be:

1. There are only 24 hours in a day!
Do you want to spend the whole day worrying about the fate of your nails? That’s a tricky question: NOBODY wants that! Short nails are literally low maintenance. You just wash your hands with running water to get them clean, instead of scrubbing at them with your toothbrush.

2. You need to give your teeth a break.
Many people can’t stop biting their nails, and it’s worse the longer they are. There are people who even bite their nails while they’re already eating food. GROSS. There’s only one recipe for calming your nail-biting nerves: 10% determination + 90% short nails!

3. No more saying, “Oh No! I broke a nail!”
We have nothing more to say on the subject.

4. Say goodbye to accidentally hurting yourself.
Let’s say a mosquito’s buzzing around your arm. You want to swat the thing, so you take a chance and AGH! You stab yourself with your crazy nails, and TOTALLY MISS THE MOSQUITO. Which bites you and flies away, laughing.

5. You’re not a witch right?
Oh, you are? Long nails have negative, witchy connotations. Would you grow a hairy wart on your nose if you could? No? So why the claws?

6. Long nails make you nonfunctional.
We heard of someone who took 10 whole minutes just to text I need a ride ASAP!!!, and by then it was too late for her to avoid the incoming tornado she was trying to escape.

7. Long nails add mayhem to your life!
You can’t get a grip on anything if your nails are too long, we’ve established this. The result is that everything you touch, you drop, and when you lean over to get it, you knock other stuff over with your head, and then you can’t really see what you’re doing and accidentally kick that other stuff under the couch, and then you’ve lost both your phone and your keys. MAYHEM!