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The Longest & Largest Things In The Human Body

There are so many amazing facts to know about the human body. From the number of times your heart is expected to beat in one minute, to the number of taste buds present in your tongue… knowing how your body functions is really super cool. This article, however, is about the longest and largest things [...]

World Teachers’ Day 2015: A Look At What Classrooms Look Like All Around The World

In case you haven't observed, or perhaps you've forgotten, today is World Teachers' Day! The slogan for this World Teachers’ Day 2015 — celebrated each year on Oct. 5 since 1994 — is “Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies.” Reuters photographers combed the planet to document the learning environments for students in resource-rich nations like Japan [...]

Grammar Clinic: The REAL difference between LIE IN BED and LIE ON THE BED

"Lie in bed" literally means to sleep; it means to lie under the covers between the top sheet and the bottom sheet. It is generally about the usual bed one sleeps in. Example: All he does is to lie in bed all day. Doesn’t he get bored? It's possible to "lie on the bed," too. [...]

How To Know if it’s Really True Love

This article is not giving tips on how to know if your boyfriend or girlfriend truly loves you. Rather, it focuses on you. This article challenges you to ask yourself this sincere question - 'Is it true love I have for him/her?' Many teenagers, (even some adults) cannot tell whether the feelings they have for [...]

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World Teachers’ Day 2015: 5 Cool Ways to Appreciate Your Favourite Teacher

World Teachers' Day, held annually on October 5 since 1994, commemorates teachers’ organisations worldwide. Its aim is to mobilise support for teachers and to ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers. A teacher isn’t just an instructor. They are a mentor, a guide, a counselor, a protector and [...]

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How To Develop Your Memory To Always Remember Things

To remember something new, it must be clearly impressed in the brain. It requires time and effort to learn new concepts. To imprint new information into the brain, it’s important to schedule periodic study sessions and constantly review information in your mind. Here are some general principles of memory improvement: 1. Attention (Concentration) When studying, [...]

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How to Use Social Media as a Learning Tool in the Classroom

Social media is an ingrained part of today’s society. Students are constantly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and likely many sites teachers are not hip enough to know about, and by reading this article, you’re interacting with social media at this very moment. If you want to bring the “real world” into the classroom, consider integrating [...]

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Better Grades? This Is How To Get Straight A’s With Ease

We know you love to use your smartphone/tablet/computer a lot. That's fine. I do too. I'm not so sure if I would be comfortable without having my phone around for a long time. But the question is, what are you using your internet data for? Let me guess... priorities on your list, perhaps, include: Facebook, [...]

8 Things You Should Know Before Leaving Secondary School

You should know that there’s more to life after secondary school than choosing a Polytechnic or University to attend. A secondary school graduate needs to know the options available when planning his/her future and the expectations of adult accountability as he/she enters the real world as responsible young adults. Personal Passions As graduation approaches, it’s [...]

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8 Things You Need To Stop Worrying About As A Teenager

You've probably been told that worrying too much can lead to physical problems, and can affect appetite, lifestyle habits, relationships, sleep and work performance. The demands and pressures we experience everyday are enough to stress us out. And that's pretty enough to deal with. So why add to the list? Seriously, you should focus on [...]

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