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Fabulous Features of April Born People

It’s the month of April. I guess you know what that means, how many times have you been tricked today? Anyways, Welcome to the the fourth month of the year, did you know that people born in this month are the sweetest people in the world?. If you’re born in April or you have a friend born in this month, this will excite you because I have some really interesting traits of people born in April and they are simply amazing!

Everyone is unique and has their own traits, however there are several traits people born in April have in common. April is ruled by Mars (1st-19th) and Venus (20th-30th). The powerful planet Mars is the ruler of April. In the Greek Mythology, Mars is the Lord of War and rules the restless sign of Aries. Those born in the month of April can be described as brave, outgoing and firm. Their activeness induces an aura of freshness wherever they go. Friendships mean a lot to them and they are keen to solve other people’s problems. They are attractive and affectionate people and are very encouraging at the same time.

Being a child of Mars it means you are content and sure of yourself. Children of Mars are the heroes of the zodiac. You are born a natural leader. While other people may depend on others while going through hard times, this is not your case, because you are very independent and like to take care of your situation and mess yourself. Other people prefer to rely on you too, and this is something you want and like. You detest letting someone down. Because of your inborn impatience you will learn best from your mistakes.

1. Active and Dynamic April born are energetic, full of life and new ideas. They are also positive in attitude, they don’t give way for negative thoughts.

2. Hasty and Impatient They don’t understand that they cannot force life to give them answers. They have to make way and find solutions without getting confused. Once they get a hold of this shortcoming, life becomes a cakewalk for them.

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3. Diplomatic They deal with people in a sensible and tact manner.

4. Emotional People born in the month of April are so soft and empathetic.

5. Suave and Munificent They are charming, confident, and elegant. They don’t get intimidated by challenges and they are really generous.

6. Strong Mentality They are intelligent and they strongly belief in their own ideologies.

7. Adventurous They are willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences. They are full of excitement.

8.  Boldness People born in April are not afraid to deal with problems and obstacles. They are not afraid to speak up – they always say what they think and it sometimes causes them many troubles. While many people stay away from dangerous situation, April-born people are always ready to cope with them no matter what.

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9. Decisive  They take decisions quickly and effectively. They may be cynical at times.

10. Good memory

11. Sensitive and Sensible They follow their heart, but take their brain along with them!

12. Assertiveness. People born in April are highly assertive. You may think they are rude, selfish and aggressive, but in reality they are kind and sensitive personalities – they just don’t show it. April-born people are great leaders who can reach any career goal.

13. Aggressive Their impatience does not help matters, this makes them little destructive. Hitler and Saddam Hussein were born in April.

14. They are Curious  Most people are curious, but those born in April are extremely curious. They want to know everything, they often poke their noses into other people’s affairs and don’t give up until they find out what they need. People born in April are not afraid to show their curiosity and this trait helps them be smarter and more successful.

Taurus is also known for their good judgmental nature and is famous for giving suitable suggestions. But at times they are very stubborn, full of laziness, become self engrossed and extremely calculative, which can cause annoyance to others

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