Lipstick is one of every girl’s favourite beauty products. Despite the obsession, there are some pretty gross things about lipstick. I don’t want to scare you, but check out these 5 horrifying things you never knew about lipstick.

Wearing Lipstick Used To Mean You Were A Prostitute

Thank goodness it doesn’t anymore! Back in ancient Greece, lipstick was used to identify prostitutes. A law was passed that stated prostitutes were required to wear lipstick to identify themselves as to not trick men or pass for “ladies.”

Lipsticks Coined The Term Kiss Of Death

You know the term “Kiss of Death” right? Well, it comes from the fact that lipstick used to be made with poisonous materials. This brings me to my next point about chemicals in lipstick…

A Lot Of Lipsticks Contain Lead

Oh no! You’d think this lead thing would have been worked out, but it hasn’t. Most lipsticks contain lead. The Food and Drug Administration only has set restrictions on lead in color additives, not on lead itself, which makes approximately no sense. For a look at how much lead your lipstick contains, check this list.

You Can Contract Diseases Via Lipstick

A woman sometime got herpes from contaminated lipstick at a makeup counter at a concert. You can easily contract herpes, other STDs and illnesses from sharing lipstick. It’s a good rule of thumb to NOT share your lip products and to always make sure you’re cleaning them.

We Eat A Lot Of It

A few years ago there was a rumor going around that women ate about seven pounds of lipstick in a lifetime. No one really knows where that number came from, but we do ingest a lot of lipstick. Think about how many times you lick your lips, especially when you have lipstick on. All of that goes into your digestive system and hangs out in your body. Do your best to not lick your lips if you’re wearing lipstick… But I pity guys on this!