A Lagos-based non-governmental organisation, Piece of My Heart Foundation has urged parents, educators and the government to ensure that male children are introduced to sex education early enough.

Founder of PMOH, Adebimpe Adebari, said that it was erroneously believed that only females needed sex education, this according to her, had led to an upsurge in sexual violence, rape and sexual abuse in the country.
“Oftentimes, sex education focuses on girls, which has made our boys feel they don’t need the information and don’t have to accept responsibility for their actions. When sexual abuse happens, some parents silence the victim by not believing them or wanting to protect the abuser.”

She added that the inability of the Ministry of Education to incorporate a comprehensive sex education into the school curriculum had created room for learners to seek sex knowledge online. Adebari advised the government to ensure that every state in Nigeria adopted the Child Rights Act, the Violence Against Person Prohibition Act and comprehensive sex education should be included in to the school curriculum.

According to her, parents do not monitor their children’s activities whenever they are online, especially when contents are obscene.

“Parents do not sieve the kind of things children consume such as articles and uncensored movies that are not appropriate for their age. Parents must be intentional about the upbringing of their children, because if these children are not properly trained, they invariably become a threat to the system.

“Education about sex doesn’t corrupt your child; Ignorance puts your child at risk. Parents should be available and ready to listen to their children. Some children may never talk or ask questions, but it is your duty as parents to communicate with them; not only communicating, but communicating effectively”she said.

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