Teenage years can be hectic, even as they are typically characterized by many teenagers having insecurity issues. As a result of the problems they face both at home and in school such as bullying and peer pressure, teens overtime find themselves struggling with low self esteem and other related issues. It is therefore important for parents and teachers to help teens deal with such issues by first looking out for signs and recommending the proper treatment.

That said, the following are the self esteem signs to look out for in your teens-

1. When they walking with their head cast down

2. When they find it difficult to make eye contact when talking

3. When they are always involved in teasing, name-calling and gossiping about others

5. When they engages in inappropriate physical contact or avoids physical contact

6. When they use gestures that are overly dramatic and out of context

7. When they excessively brag about themselves, their achievements, or appearance

8. When they speak too loudly and with aggressive tones

9. When they constantly avoid social situations

10. When they are too apologetic; even when they are right