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JSS2 Civic Education Third Term: Constitutional Development In Nigeria

Topic: Constitutional Development In Nigeria - Post Independence Constitutions The Independence Constitution. The 1957 conference that was held was to review the past constitution and make amends on the faults in the constitution. The following decisions were reached: It was agreed that the house of senate would be made up of eight members from each [...]

1989 Presidential Constitution and the 1999 Constitution

JSS 2 Civic Education Topic: 1989 Presidential Constitution and the 1999 Constitution The 1989 constitution was carried out by three bodies set up by Babangida’s administration. The constitution review committee was to review all past constitution and make recommendations The constituent assembly for almost a whole year deliberated on the draft constitution and made recommendations to [...]

Disadvantages of MacPherson Constitution of 1951

MacPherson Constitution, when compared with improved constitutions which  came up  after the it, one may likely conclude that some of the flaws or demerits of the constitution are: The constitution did not provide for a true political leadership either at the Centre or in the region, for example, there was no provision for the post of the prime [...]

Advantages of the MacPherson Constitution of 1951

MacPherson Constitution was introduced in 1951. Here are some of the advantages of the Constitution: A quasi-federalism was introduced in Nigeria The constitution introduced for the time a revenue allocation formulae in Nigeria based on the principle of derivation needs and national interest. The constitution  reflects the  minds and aspiration of  the  masses because of the  wide rage of consultation before [...]