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Realistic Tips for effective teen mentoring

When it comes to mentoring teenagers and helping to mold and remold their minds so that they may become the best they could ever be, parents and teachers have crucial roles to play. There is therefore the need for them to come to this realization and live up to the expectation. Also it is important [...]

How Can Teenagers Study Difficult Subjects?

As you may well know, so many difficult subjects abound. What is easy for you to study might be the most difficult subject for your friend. And as such, difficult subjects abound just as favourite subjects do. But then, we can all agree that some subjects are particularly dreaded by most students. Examples of these [...]

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Virtually everyone is directly impacted by the internet. On a daily basis, millions of humans log on- to Facebook, Google+, to check their emails, update a status or Google-search something. Teenagers are usually on the centre of all these, chatting, surfing and learning on Passnownow.com. Sadly, they are often the ones most-prone to the many [...]

How Can Teenagers Deal With Angst?

Life can often be quite frustrating for the average teenager and this understandable considering that teens have a lot of things to worry about- their future, school, friendships, and of course romance. These things can cause a lot of distress to the young person who hasn’t quite learnt how to cope with the challenges of [...]

Parents! Avoid These Bad Parenting Habits If You Are Guilty Of Any

 You know, parents aren’t perfect human beings after all and perhaps this explains why they often make certain [un]forgivable mistakes when raising their teenagers. While, this is understandable, it is important for teenagers to bear in mind that when it comes to raising teenagers, it is different compared to raising a toddler. Indeed, any parent [...]

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The Five Common Reasons Teenagers Procrastinate

Everybody procrastinates, especially teenagers. And the sad thing about this bad habit is that it comes with immense disadvantages. Leaving tasks undone until the last minute typically results in low-quality work performance and in some cases may lead to a lot more serious consequences. Take for instance, when teenagers who always procrastinate doing their assignments [...]

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For Every Teenager Who Is Easily Distracted…Simple Ways To Stay Focused

It’s often difficult for teenagers to stay focused while performing a given task without getting distracted. Studying is usually a typical example of tasks teenagers cannot do without getting distracted. So how often do you find it difficult to concentrate? Ever wondered why you are very easily distracted? The major reasons people get distracted is [...]

Tips To Help Parents Facilitate Teenagers’ Brain Development

Parents do a lot of nice things for their children, ensuring that they grow up healthy and become successful in life. They work so hard to put nutritious meals on the table, send their children to good schools their pockets can afford and then purchase good clothes to for their kids so that they may [...]

Teens! These Tips Should Help You To Deal With Bullies

A few weeks ago I wrote about why some students are scared of going to school and specifically mentioned bullying as one major reason. I then promised to come up with an article detailing ways to cope just in case one finds him or herself bullied. Well here it is as promised! It is important [...]

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Etiquette! Some Good Manners Every Teenager Must Imbibe

As we all know, Teenage Years are Formative Years; a special time when people learn many new things about life. Basic Etiquettes are some of such things to learn during teenagehood and it is important to do so; after all nobody wants to come across as uncivilised. So in this post, I am going to [...]

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