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Solar System Tour (PLANET EARTH)

Earth, also called the world and, less frequently, Gaia is the third planet from the Sun, the densest planet in the Solar System, the largest of the Solar System's four terrestrial planets, and the only astronomical object known to accommodate life. Fast Facts about Earth 1. One day on Earth takes 24 hours (this is the [...]

The 7 Wonders of the Ocean No One Told You About

If I told you to give a list of the world's oceans, I am pretty certain you would say Atlantic, Indian, Pacific......yet, you wouldn't be all wrong. But for the main fact that these oceans are connected, they are in real fact just one large ocean. Check out more facts below as provided by about.com 1. [...]

For Science Sake! Is It a Hurricane or a Typhoon?

Listening to the news with your parents, you probably have heard the words, hurricane and typhoon. What are they? Do they mean the same thing? Let Science answer those questions. A hurricane and a typhoon refer to the same weather event, just in different locations. Let's take rice as an example, different tribes in Nigeria [...]

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, Just How Big Do You Think They Are?

Every one who ever attended nursery school knows the rhyme, part of which was quoted in the headline. And looking to the night sky, you observe those twinkly stars and wonder if they are really that small or if they just appear so. But what are the facts? In our voyage, we will consider how [...]

An Account Of How We Began To Tell Time In the Clockwise Manner

Pretty much everyone knows that if you are asked to pass something clockwise around a table, you hand it to the person on your left because that is the same direction that the hands of a clock move. But what you may not know is that this standard direction is a function not only of [...]

Reach For the Stars! Enter the 2016 DStv Eutelsat Star Awards

1. INTRODUCTION Satellites have changed our perception of the Earth, helping us to realise that it is small, fragile, and unique in the immensity of space, and as such must be preserved. Satellites help us to learn more about our planet and to improve how we use its limited resources. They also revolutionise the way [...]

Could You Really Live on Another Planet Other Than Earth?

Where would you go if you could choose to live on a planet other than Earth? Are you thinking Mars? BBC iWonder tells us that scientists predict there may be about 40 billion Earth-like planets in the Milky Way, yes 40 billion! Yet, the Milky Way is just one galaxy out of countless billions in Space, [...]

10 Awesome Facts About Earth – Interesting Information you should know about Our World

Fact One Earth is the only planet in the Solar System to have water in its three states of matter: as a solid (ice), a liquid (sea, rain, etc.) and as a gas (clouds). Water is, of course, the most important liquid for life. Fact Two Earth is almost five billion years old, although life [...]

Solar System Tour (Neptune)

Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun and is the most distant planet from the Sun. This gas giant planet may have formed much closer to the Sun in early solar system history before migrating to its present position. Fast Facts about Neptune 1. The Berlin observatory, following Le Verrier’s calculations giving the possible position of [...]

Science Corner: What is a Satellite?

Global Positioning System Satellite (GPS) orbiting round the Earth I know what you are thinking. You are thinking along the lines of your DSTV satellite dish, or the type you see in Science documentaries, and movies like Gravity, and The Martian. Well, you may not be too far from the truth. A Satellite [...]

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