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Education in Nigeria

How To Turn Your Smartphone To A Mobile Classroom

All over the world in recent times, teaching and learning have overly gone beyond the orthodox classroom settings. Tech-savvy teachers and students are taking full advantage of technology both within and outside the school. Today, there are increasingly sophisticated learning tools on offer via mobile phones. And, the opportunities provided by augmented reality, educational gaming and social [...]

Passnownow.com’s guest tweeter (@OKShorty1): The real problem with Nigerian Education and how to deal with it

Hello, this is a round-up of our exciting guest interview on Twitter. Last week, we had Olugbenga Kehinde Shote (@OKShorty1) discuss extensively on Nigerian Education and the way forward. Olugbenga Kehinde Shote is a Senior Business Economist at Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO) and a graduate of Estate Management from the University of [...]

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