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Factors of production

Classwork Series and Exercises {Agricultural Science – SS1}: Production and Factors Of Production

WEEK 7 Agricultural Science, S.S.S 1, Second Term TOPIC: Production and Factors of Production Production Production, in is one of the important activities whatever human being is received goods as a natural gift can not be consumed as such. It requires some processing and then and then only it is consumed. Through processing we transform some [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Economics – SS1}: Theory of Production

SS 1 Economics First Term Week 5 Topic– Theory of Production Contents- Meaning of Production                     Types of production                     Types of goods                     Importance of production Meaning [...]

Classwork Series and Exercise: (Business Studies- JSS1): Factors Of Production

Meaning of factors of production Factors of Production can be defined as the basic resources or agents used for producing goods and services. Factors of production make it possible for goods to be produced in the required quantity and quality. The factors of production are land, labor, capital and entrepreneur. LAND: The land is a [...]