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Why Should Teens Even Bother With Dressing Well?

Very many reasons can be given as to why teenagers need to dress well on a daily. I mean, looking good everyday as the very first rule of living especially for a teenager! And mind you, I mean looking good every single day no matter where you are and what you're doing. Anyway, while I [...]

You are what you DRESS: How your self-esteem & Confidence are significantly tied to your clothing

What’s the secret to being confident? Some people believe it's having a positive mental attitude, while others claim it's being wealthy. But according to one researcher, the answer may in fact lie in what we’re wearing. Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire said that specific clothing - including even superhero T-shirts - can [...]

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BACK TO SCHOOL: Check Out These Fashionable Backpacks Just In Time For Resumption

Backpacks are synonymous with students, just as fish is to water. But there is more to backpacks than just another thing to put your school books in, they can also define your style! Also, because you have to dress in a uniform, what better way to make a fashion statement than with your shoes and [...]

What Other Teens are Saying About School Uniforms

I remember a girl once said: I wish the school authority would allow senior girls wear skirts! Back then, both junior and senior girls wore gowns - with diagonal stripes (from 1 to 3) on the uniform to indicate levels of seniority. Some also complained that the uniforms did not suit their fashion tastes, and [...]

Girl Talk!!! Check out 9 wonderful styles to rock your jeans!!!

Jeans are close fitting trousers made of denim or denim-like fabric. They usually have decorative seams that are reinforced with rivets. Jeans typically have pockets that are more for fashion than function. Historically, jeans were work trousers, but today they are part of many women’s everyday wardrobe. The colour selection is no longer restricted to [...]

Look At The Latest Pair of Really Cool Nike Sneakers….They Also Lace Up Themselves!

  October 21, 2015 —Nike made a huge announcement about the magical shoes all sneaker lovers have been dreaming about since forever. According to Nike spokeswoman, Heidi Burgett, the future is now. This pair of sneakers are battery powered, as you may have guessed from the glowing blue light at the soles. But there is [...]

Fashion: Turned Up Jeans is Hot!

Have you caught the bug? The latest fashion trend is to turn up the hem of your jeans to show the in-seam, your socks, or the shoes you are wearing. Whatever the reason may be, this look is trendy, youthful and fresh. And the good news? I have seen both boys and girls rocking this [...]

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Fashion: Is Skinny Jeans Officially Over? These Stars Believe So!

It seems fashion is going backward, as it seems to do. The skinny jean may be giving way to flares which is a major throwback to the 90's. Flares are typically cut extra-long, so they look best with heels, which immediately gives you a dressed-up look.            To get some inspiration on how to [...]

SAGGING PANTS: The True Meaning Behind Wearing Your Pants on the Ground

Hey folks, let’s discuss this sagging thing. For your information (For those who don’t already know), the trend of sagging pants didn't start in the streets or with hip hop culture, this style of wearing pants with underwear exposed originated in the prisons of the US in the 1960s. Back then prisoners weren't allowed to [...]

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