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“Be careful!” “Not so high!” “Stop that!” Concerned parents can often be heard urging safety when children are at play. Recent research suggests this may be over-protective and that kids need more opportunities for risky play outdoors. Risky play is thrilling and exciting play where children test their boundaries and flirt with uncertainty. They climb trees, build forts, roam [...]

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Here are some of the Things that happen to Teenagers when they are infatuated

 Have you ever been infatuated? Well if you have, you'd have noticed the following weird behaviours... When you can't help but break into a grin whenever the name of your crush comes up in conversation. And then  when your friends notice, you go like What, me, beaming like an idiot? Noway. There's no way my cheeks [...]

The Different Types of Friends you may have…

There are many characters in every close-knit group of friends. There are the funny ones, the annoying ones, the compassionate ones and the touché ones. There are also the religious ones, the loutish ones, the serious ones and the lucky go lucky ones. Indeed there are typically several characters, which make me wonder which one [...]

Students! How You Can Enjoy Your Next Holiday

Students are getting jittery that their examinations are drawing near, and on the other end, they are getting excited that they would soon observe their holidays. As much as I wish you success in your examinations, I intend to prepare you for your next holiday such that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Some [...]

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These Funny Jokes Will Leave You Laughing All Day

Okay just to be clear, these are not the funniest quotes there are; but then again they aren't the most boring.  In any case, I compiled these quotes just to put smiles [of relief] on you guys' faces. So smile and giggles even if these are the driest jokes you've ever heard. Oya enjoy it! [...]

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Types of Essays All Students Must Be Conversant With

It is easy to fall into an incoherent rambling of emotions and sense when writing a descriptive essay. However, you must strive to present an organised and logical description if the reader is to come away from the essay with understanding of what it is you are attempting to describe To describe a person: remember [...]

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