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Classwork Series and Exercises {Government – SS2}: Non-Alignment

Government, SS 2, Week 4 Topic: NON-ALIGNMENT Contents: Meaning of Non-alignment Origin of Non- aligned movement Aims and objectives of non aligned movement Factors that stimulate the formation of non-aligned movement Non- Alignment Non alignment is defined as non-commitment of a nation to either the west or the east bloc usually on international issues. It [...]

Government – Military Rule In Nigeria

Military Rule In Nigeria Content: Characteristics of Military Rule Reasons for Military Intervention In Nigeria The Structure of Military Rule in  Nigeria Achievements of Military Rule in Nigeria The Weakness or Failure of Military Regime in Nigeria Introduction Nigeria's first military junta began following the 1966 Nigerian coup d'état which overthrew Prime Minister Alhaji Sir [...]

Government – Local Government Administration

Government, SS 3 Week: 3 Topic: Local Government Administration The evolution of local government system in Nigeria could be traceable to the Great Britain municipalities’ form of local government. This system which was introduced in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu, etc had similar responsibilities with that obtainable in Britain. This is a multiple system of local [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Government – SS2}: The Interdependence Of Nations

Government, SS 2, Week 3 Topic: The Interdependence of Nations Contents: Meaning of Interdependence The interdependence of nation Types of Inter- dependencies Meaning of Interdependence Interdependence is the mutual reliance between two or more groups. In relationships, interdependence is the degree to which members of the group are mutually dependent on the others. This concept [...]