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Healthy Lifestyle

Helping Teenagers organize their Rooms: what Parents should do

One of the challenges parents face when raising teenagers is getting their teens to keep their rooms clean. Most teenagers’ rooms are typically in disarray (and most especially the boys), with clothes strewn across the floor, beds unmade  and all kinds of rubbish under the bed. Some of these rooms do not get swept for [...]

The Need For Teenagers To Adopt Healthy Lifestyles

Normally, every teenager seems to have a clean bill of health. Their bodies are young and as such, immunity is strong! And what’s more; they are constantly engaged in physical activity and burning off any excess fat that might cause harm to the body. But in all these, there is still need to inculcate basic [...]

How To Maintain A Healthy Balance As A Student

Being a student can sure be a tedious occupation. Trust me, I know this all too well. With all the assignments, homework, school tests/examinations coupled with the high expectations from parents, it can take a huge toll on your well being if you let it. How then can you ensure a healthy balance between studying hard and staying [...]