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How to lose weight

The newest superfood? WALKING – and experts say it’s far better for you than intense bursts of exercise

Fitness experts have revealed the latest 'superfood' - and it'll cost you a lot less than vegs or fruits. They say walking is the 'superfood of fitness' and that it may be far better for you than bursts of intense exercise. Scientist Katy Bowman has explained in her book, 'Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through [...]

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The Best Way To Lose Weight: Expert’s Advice On How To Stay Slim

Instead of counting calories, those seeking to stay slim are better off enjoying a protein rich diet and eating fish, eggs and meat, scientists have found. Because of the way the human body prioritises protein over carbohydrates and fat, those with a diet low in protein are likely to gorge on these other food groups [...]

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