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How to write a speech

Grammar Clinic – Formal Speeches/ How to Write and Deliver a Speech

English Language SS2 Week 4 Contents: Oral English: Formal Speeches Word Structure: Prepositional Phrase Reading and Writing Skills: How to Write and Deliver a Speech A. Oral English: Formal Speeches Sooner or later in life you may be called upon to make a formal speech. It might happen when you are a special guest at [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {English Language – JSS3}: How To Write A Play and Study A Novel

English Language JSS3 Second Term Week 9 Contents: Literature: Features of a Play Skill Focus: How to write a speech Literature: Features of a Play Plays have the following features: The speakers' names are printed in capitals at the beginning of their speech, with a colon following the name. E.g. DANIEL:, TOLU: e.t.c A play may also [...]