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Top 7 Ways to Engage Students in Math

If you are a teacher that is frustrated by a student’s lack of interest in math class, you are not alone. Teachers across the nation, and generations of teachers before them, have struggled with engaging their students in this traditionally dry academic subject. All is not lost. You do not have to settle for unmotivated [...]


Sudoku is the fastest-growing puzzle in the world.  The hype started in Japan in the 1980s and until a few years ago nobody in Europe had ever heard about it. In 2004 a British newspaper started publishing the puzzle and in 2005 Sudoku was launched as a game show on British television. From then on it became extremely popular. Many other newspapers in Great Britain [...]

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SS 2 Commerce Second Term: Communication (Cont’d)

Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST)  ­­­ The first post office in Nigeria was established in 1856 in Lagos. NIPOST was originally and jointly constituted as the department of postal and telecommunication (p and T). But in 1984 the telecommunication division of postal and telecommunication was merged with the Nigeria external telecommunication (NET) limited to form the Nigeria [...]

SS1 Mathematics Third Term: Mensuration

CUBES A cube is a solid of uniform cross-section. It is formed by squares and has 8 vertices. An example is processed cubed sugar. The length of a side of a cube is ‘e’ which is the length of all sides since a cube is formed with squares. TOTAL SURFACE AREA OF A CUBE A [...]

SS1 Financial Accounting Third Term: Preparation of Bank Reconciliation when there is Bank Overdraft

Introduction  Bank Reconciliation statement is prepared by the accountant when the cash book bank statement doesn’t match with the Pass Book. This is done with the intention of knowing the cause of the difference. Usually all firms open current Bank Account as there are so many transaction to record in the bank column of the [...]

JSS1 Mathematics Third Term: Identification and Properties of Angles

Angles as Rotation We use the word angle for amount of turn. For example the figures below show the hands of a clock move between 12 ‘clock to 12 ‘ clock.  Both hands turn. In one hour the amount that each hand turns is different The minute hand makes one complete turn, or one revolution The angle turned = [...]

SS1 Mathematics Third Term: Calculation of Mean, Median and Mode of Grouped Data

Calculation of Mean, Median and Mode of Ungrouped Data Mean, median, and mode are three basic ways to look at the value of a set of numbers. You will start by learning about the mean. The mean, often called the average, of a numerical set of data, is simply the sum of the data values divided [...]

SS3 Mathematics Revision: Integration and Evaluation Simple Algebraic Functions

What is Algebraic Function? In mathematics, an algebraic function is a function that can be defined as the root of a polynomial equation. Quite often algebraic functions can be expressed using a finite number of terms, involving only the algebraic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and raising to a fractional power. Examples of such functions are: Some [...]

JSS2 Basic Tech Third Term: Setting Out

Introduction For us to understand and appreciate what setting out operation is all about, let us first discuss the preliminary roles of some professionals in the job. (A) Preliminary Site Operations Anybody wishing to construct a building usually first consults an architect to discuss the need for a building and the type of building wanted. [...]

SS2 Mathematics Third Term: Trigonometry: Derivation of Sine Rule and Application; Derivation of Cosines Rule and Application

Introduction The sine rule formula states that the ratio of a side to the sine function applied to the corresponding angle is same for all sides of the triangle. For a triangle ABC, sine rule can be stated as given below: The sine rule formula can be used to find the measure of unknown angle [...]

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