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5 Ways Children Can Learn Wise Money Skills From Their Parents

Kids learn more when they observe the actions of their parents who are their first role models. So, how may parents teach their children the values of delaying gratification, saving hard-earned money, and become wise consumers, values that will serve them well into adulthood and pave for them the way to a successful life? Consider [...]

5 Cool Tips On How To Spend Your Money Wisely

I am pretty certain that if you had access to all the money in the world, then you would buy everything your heart desired! Name it, and you would have it!! But in the real world, this is hardly the case for the majority, hence it becomes important to be prudent with the money available [...]

4 Hard Facts No One Will Tell You About Entrepreneurship

While entrepreneurship may be the rage these days, with everyone telling you that is where the money is. There are usually a few truths they leave behind, and which you will find useful. Consider some of these below as inspired by Phil Da Duke of entrepreneur.com. 1. Leave Pride In the Trash One thing you should [...]

7 Questions Worth Asking Before Accepting Financial Advice From Anyone

Many people will come to you or your loved ones with a myriad of financial advice and a plethora of financial products, all of them promising you of the great returns you will get and how they are all in your best interest. A lot of these are frauds who only want to get their [...]

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Why It Is Important For You to Save Some Money

I like you to understand that in thinking about how to effectively manage money, the first thing to consider is saving and this means every time you get some money, either as a gift or an allowance from your parents or relatives, it is important that you set aside some of that money for yourself. [...]

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3 Main Points From RICH DAD, POOR DAD On Financial Literacy

So often financial education focuses on managing money, but there is actually more to it than that. You can actually grow your money too!  If you have read the book Rich Dad, Poor  Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, you would realise that you can have two views with regards money - the old rules or the [...]

6 Tricks For Driving a Hard Bargain on Purchases and Saving Some Money

Everything is negotiable especially at the local markets and even in shops! You can drive a fantastic bargain, and save yourself some money. Below are a few tricks on how to start a bargain, what to practice with, and how not to be deceived by sellers with sugar-coated lips. 1. Start At a Fraction of [...]

Are You Cheap or Frugal? These Points Will Help Answer Your Question

Are you that boy or that girl who would wait a few months after the release of a new product before buying because you are hoping for a reduction in price? Or the one who will bargain until the seller gets angry? Perhaps you do extensive research online, read customers' reviews, and compare prices before [...]

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6 Golden Attributes That Will Prepare You For Success In Life and Entrepreneurship

People often say entrepreneurship is not everyone, and that's certainly true! It's reserved for the few who have mastered the task of controlling their own destinies and writing their own stories. For these successful ones, there's no separation between how they think in life and in business, they apply the same principles to both.   [...]

The 3 Great Benefits of SAVING and INVESTING as Told By a Billionaire

Don't ever think you are too young to start learning about smart savings and investments. Billionaire, Warren Buffett started to learn the fundamentals of investing from his father when he was only a boy. Little wonder, people are usually interested in his investment advice because he has had more years of do-it-yourself experience. So in [...]

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