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The Secret To Paying Off Debt And Still Having Some Money Left

In paying off debt, one of the best advice from financial experts is to start from the smallest to largest, though some disagree with this method. Whichever advice you choose, it will still be smart if we considered why some of the options below. 1.   Decide To Stop Borrowing Money The first step towards [...]

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Are you one of those students that find themselves in situations where they seem not to have enough money for the things they need and the things that are important to them? then you need a budget and not just a budget, a practical one that best fits you. Budgeting allows you to create a spending plan for your money [...]

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4 Things You Should Never Keep In Your Wallet

We have come up with a list of some of the things you shouldn't do, and paired them with alternatives instead. Take a look at some of them, and see if you agree.  1. Scraps of Paper Containing Your PINs Carrying your ATM card’s PIN and a collection of passwords on a scrap of paper in [...]

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4 Ways To Check If Your Idea Is Both Valuable And Worth Paying For

The world revolves around creating value that people are willing to pay good money for. Yet, it is impossible for you to to do one without the other, and nothing more important than selling your own ideas? But how do you get people to listen to what you have to say?  1. Choose Simplicity Over [...]

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4 Easy Ways To Make Money While Still In School

Who says you have to finish school before you can start making some cool cash? Granted, making money shouldn’t be your priority as a secondary school student, but then it’s never a bad thing as long as you won’t let it affect your studies. Check out a few of our ideas to earn some cash [...]

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Economics – What Is Money?

Economics  Definition of Money  Qualities or Characteristics of Money  Functions of Money Types Of Money MONEY Definition of Money Money is anything that is generally acceptable as a medium of exchange and in the settlement of debts. Money is anything that is generally acceptable as a means of payment. Money is primarily a medium of [...]

The Secret Behind How Entrepreneurs Can Take Their Ideas From Dreams To Reality

One of the worst mistakes an entrepreneur can make is to launch a product before they are ready. Not only will they lose credibility in the eyes of customers, their competitors will learn from these mistakes and use it to their own advantage. What's more? Your competitors get to conserve their own resources until they are [...]

4 Lessons From an Entrepreneur Who Has Experienced Both Success And Failure

"If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, don't chase the money" are the words of Tomas Gorny, an entrepreneur whose life and business experiences will be the point of this post, as he emphasises the point that the creation of great things is actually more important than the accumulation of wealth. Do check out some [...]

How To Make Wise Donations That Help the Real People In Need

Tragedies seem to be the new normal in the world we live in today. We hear reports of people displaced from their homes by natural disasters, terrorists and other sad events they never saw coming; while some even solicit money on television networks and social media to treat several medical conditions. As humans, we naturally [...]

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