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The Engineering Behind How Skyscrapers Go High Above the World and Stay That Way

Though there may not be many, if any skyscraper in Nigeria, but we do have high rise buildings; and the scope of their design is similar to that of a skyscraper, only that in the case of the latter, more has to be taken into consideration - because the higher and more complex a structure, [...]

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: The United States Declares Independence From Britain

On July 4 1776, the Continental Congress of the United States of America approved the Declaration of Independence, a revolutionary document in which the thirteen American colonies declared their freedom from British rule because of what they felt was oppression from the British government. Yet, it was actually on July 2 that the delegates voted [...]

6 Legends and Locations Around the World For Lovers Seeking Eternal Love

Many of the people - lovers and love-seekers alike - who visit these locations believe that they can find in these places, their desire for timeless, undying love. Intertwined in the history of these places are legends that colour these love narratives. Spread across three continents from Mexico, to New York, to Italy and on [...]

This is What the New and Modern TITANIC II Will Look Like

Following the sinking of the well-documented, and world famous Titanic on the night of April 14-15 1912 after it struck an ice berg; Australian billionaire, Clive Palmer is set to build and launch the new Titanic. Working with teams around the world, he is set to recreate the famous ship which will be named Titanic [...]

PARIS BOMB ATTACKS: The World Stands Behind France (Pictures)

Following the deadly terror attacks on Friday evening in Paris, where at least 129 people were killed and 352 wounded after a series of coordinated attacks across several sites in Paris. People in France and other parts of the world have been showing their solidarity, and their resolve to conquer fear with love, brotherhood, and [...]