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Passive Voice

Grammar Clinic: Active and Passive Verbs

Active and Passive Verbs Verbs have two voices: an active voice and a passive voice. Voice as the form of a verb shows whether the subject of the verb does the action (the active voice) or whether the action is done to it (the passive voice). Active Verb  In order to write sentences with active [...]

Classwork Exercise and Series (English Language- JSS2): Intonation, Passive Voice and Adjective

Contents: Intonation & Stress Language Structure: The Passive Voice Part of Speech: Adjective Intonation Falling Tune The  WH- questions all use the falling tune. In these examples, the stresses syllables are printed in capitals: WHEN will you be ↓LEAVing? I'll be LEAVing at  ↓EIGHT. As you see, the voice goes down on the last stressed syllable. The [...]

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