One of the more frustrating assumptions in the mix of modern parenting advice is the idea that all kids are born as identical clean slates. I suspect the increase in this attitude is partly due to the loss of large families. With the total fertility rate in Australia down to 1.88 children per woman, the [...]

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Do You Know That You Are Neither ‘Smart’ Nor ‘Stupid’ Across The Board!

Howard Gardner conceptualized intelligence as the biopsychological potential to process information that can be activated in a cultural setting to solve problems or create products that are of value in a culture. This seems ambiguous right? I know you are curious to know if you are truly intelligent. Perhaps someone has categorised you as a [...]

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Why personality is a better predictor of success in school than intelligence

When it comes to academic achievement, intelligence is an important factor -- but it is certainly not the only, or even the most important, factor. According to a new Australian study, personality is a better predictor of success in school than intelligence as measured by traditional standardized tests. Specifically, students who were more open and [...]

Kindness Really Does Make You More Attractive

If teen movies have anything to say about it, the hottest people are usually also the meanest, while the nice guys are the ones who can't get a date. But according to some rather encouraging new research, an attractive personality may be one of the most important factors in perceived beauty. In other words, being [...]