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Pest control

Classwork Series and Exercises {Agriculture – JSS1}: Construction of Vegetable Beds

Agriculture JSS1 Week 8 Topic: CONSTRUCTION OF VEGETABLE BEDS Contents: Meaning of Nursery How to Construct Vegetable Beds A. Introduction: Nursery A nursery is a place where seedling (young crops) are intensively raised and taken care of before they are transplanted to the main field. A nursery is also a place where plants are propagated [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Biology – SS1}: Pest Of Agricultural Importance

Biology, SS 1 Week: 3 Topic: Pests of Agricultural Importance Introduction A pest is an organism with characteristics that people see as damaging or unwanted, as it harms agriculture through feeding on crops or parasitizing livestock. An animal can also be a pest when it causes damage to a wild ecosystem or carries germs. The [...]