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Teens! Tips to getting over your Celebrity Crush

Do you have a celebrity crush? Almost every teen does. And truth be told...it is a completely normal phenomenon. Growing up as a teen, I had a couple of my own celebrity crushes, chief among whom is Genevieve Nnaji. Yes I was once a teenager; breaking news! Lol. Anyway, as I was saying, it is [...]


Most teenagers (the world over) are totally obsessed with their celebrities. They idolize them by following them up on Social Media and then screaming their heads off whenever they get to meet their favorite celebs. Some teenagers are even ready to fight anybody who dare say any unsavoury things about the most beloved role models. [...]

Duck Face Is Over! The New Selfie Face is Fish Gape!!

Do you take selfies? If Yes, you must have done the duck face - it involves pressing your lips together into a pout, and sucking in your cheeks. That's a duck face. But that's over, duck face is over and out! The new selfie face is the fish gape, it is basically simple - slightly [...]