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Sexting among today’s youth is a problem that is becoming increasingly prevalent, and that many schools and parents are being forced to confront and manage.  Sexting is when minors take nude or partially-nude pictures or video images of themselves or others, with cell phones or webcams, and share them through text message, email, social media [...]

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How Can Parents Help To Prevent Teens From Sexting?

This may be very much unexpected; a sad truth. But indeed so many teenagers do engage in the totally unacceptable and even dangerous act of exchanging sexually-explicit images with others on the internet. This is called sexting and it usually involves pictures of private parts being exchanged. Most times, these pictures are solicited by the [...]

Social Media & Sexting: How Parents Can Keep Their Teens Safe

There is a dangerous practice that can have serious psychological consequences for teenagers. It’s called sexting - sending sexually explicit text or photographs from mobile devices. The photographs are often shared voluntarily, but sometimes a young person may be coerced into taking or sending these photographs. Once the photos are sent, they can be used [...]

Girl Talk: What To Do If Your BF Wants You To Send Nude Pictures

Hi Admin, My boyfriend is begging me to send him naked pictures. I don’t feel comfortable having dirty pictures of myself out there, maybe even on the Internet. He promises he won’t share any of them, but I don’t want to risk it. He’s a nice guy, and our relationship is fine, but this is [...]

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SEXTING: The Social Media Wake-Up Call We All Need Right Now

If any good may come out of the latest troubling incident involving the publication of graphic photos of teenagers posted on the social media sites, it is that it should serve as a wake-up call to both teens and parents. The nude and semi-nude images of teenagers, described as "graphic and horrific," show the dangers [...]

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Girl Accidentally Sent Her Dad A Nude Selfie, Shared Her Drama On Twitter

Yesterday, a female student with a love for the grand tradition of tall tales spun a yarn on Twitter about sending a naked photograph of herself to her dad, which is very embarrassing and almost definitely didn't happen. Or maybe it did? Either way, every site on the Internet ran it. The whole stuff began with a [...]

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Really? “Teens who send more than 100 texts a day are more likely to be having sex”

Teens who send more than 100 texts a day are more likely to be sexually active, researchers have claimed. They also say that teens who 'sext' are six times more likely to be having sex. The first major study into sexting said there were 'clear links' between sexting and risky behaviour. The latest research, published [...]

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