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Sleep Science

Do animals sleep like people? Do snails sleep in their shells?

Most animals, including snails, sleep like you and me. That is, they get into a comfortable position and close their eyes (if they have eyelids!). Like you and me, they also don’t usually move much while they sleep. But how can we know whether an animal is sleeping, or just staying still? There are a [...]

Revealed: The Strange Thing Your Brain Can Do While You’re Asleep

It turns out that our brains do way more when we snooze than was once thought -- and a new study suggests we can even identify and categorise words while we're sleeping. "We show that the sleeping brain can be far more 'active' in sleep than one would think," study co-author Sid Kouider, a cognitive [...]

Do you know when you’re dreaming? Then you’re probably good at solving problems

People who have lucid dreams have superior problem-solving skills, scientists claim. Researchers say that people who can recognise that they are dreaming while being sound asleep, can solve problems in the waking world better than those who remain unaware of the dream until they wake up. This is because they have an extra level of [...]

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