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EXPLAINED: How Bees Make Honey

Without honeybees, what would you drizzle upon your creamy Greek yogurt? What would so perfectly complement your crispy toast, if not honey butter? We can't be certain. Check out the video from 2minutesof.. above to see how buzzing bees produce this sticky delight.

These Interesting Facts About Goats Are Truly Amazing

Goats are kind of a big deal on the Internet these days. But how much do you really know about them? For instance, did you know that their rectangular-shaped pupils are positioned on the sides of their head, giving them the ability to see a full 280 degrees horizontally? As you can imagine, vision like [...]

8 Cold Remedies That Really Work

Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? And should you actually feed a cold and starve a fever? Just exactly what should you do when you have cold? While there's some true behind both, it's a bit more complicated than that, according to a new video from YouTube's AsapSCIENCE. The video (see [...]

Video: How Dogs Actually ‘See’ With Their Noses

You already know that dogs' sense of smell is way keener than our own. But just how keen their sense of smell is might come as a surprise. As explained in a fascinating new TED-Ed video (above), it's almost as if dogs are tuned into another world --"seeing" everything in a whole different way than [...]

Caught On Video: Great White Sharks In Epic Fight

It's a shark-eat-shark world out there. A 16-foot-long great white shark was recently caught on video attacking another, smaller, great white in waters about 50 miles off the Australian shore, according to a clip posted on YouTube. "The larger animal survived the encounter but the smaller shark has not been sighted since," the description reads. [...]

Watch: These Teachers’ Excitement For The New School Year Will Get You In The Spirit Too

For most of us, the beginning of the school year signifies the end of lazy days by the pool and a return to structure and schedule. But for these Wisconsin teachers, it's time to cut loose. In the video (above), posted to YouTube Aug. 27, Union Grove High School teachers Jordan Hein and Mitchell Brachmann [...]

Is this the world’s most embarrassing father? Angry dad’s video guide to his teens on changing a toilet roll goes viral

A Southampton father has found a novel way to get his children to change the loo roll in the toilet. Ingenious Will Reid who has been trying to instruct his children, Beth and James on household chores decided that the only way his children would listen to him was if he posted the video online. [...]

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Girl, 11, Invents ‘Chemo Backpack’ To Help Kids With Cancer, After Battling The Disease Herself

This girl's fight with cancer pushed her to invent a life-changing device. Kylie Simonds understands what the struggle with cancer entails. The 11-year-old says she remembers struggling to walk around with IV poles, after she was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma -- a connective tissue cancer -- three years ago, according to WTNH. That's why she invented [...]

Trending & Funny Video: Girl Crying Out Of Fear That Her Baby Brother Will Grow Up

A video uploaded to YouTube last week shows a young girl, aged at around 3-years-old, crying after apparently finding out that her baby brother - only months old - is going to grow up. "What! I don't want him to grow up," the young girl, reportedly named Sadie, cries to the camera. She looks at [...]

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What a delicious surprise! Now there’s an ice cream that changes colour with each lick (Video)

For most people, ice cream is all about flavour. But for Spanish physicist Manuel Linares, it's the colour that counts. Linares has created an ice cream that changes colour as it's eaten. The fruity confection, called Xamaleón -- as in, chameleon -- starts out as a periwinkle blue and gradually morphs into hues of purple [...]

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