Sometimes, our thinking can derail us before we’ve even started – and we often don’t even know it. Central to the concept of good thinking is idea of positive influence – which will make you as a student to effectively and efficiently address the complex, multi-faceted problems you’ll face in a fully connected, globalized world.

In the handy infographic below, Four “lines” of thinking are outlined, including some that you should try to follow, and others that you shouldn’t. One of the lines of thinking specifically outlines the ‘typical’ school  mindset – which suggests you get on the right thinking track to ensure success! Keep reading to learn more.

Four Lines of Thinking

What to Always Remember

  • Think different
  • Don’t follow the rules
  • Work is a necessity

What to Unlearn From School

  • Follow the rules
  • First learn, then do
  • Be nice
  • Work is an opportunity
  • Money is evil
  • Behave yourself
  • People in charge have the answers

What to Learn to Think

  • Where can I add value?
  • I know best
  • Be authentic
  • My gut is usually right
  • If I weren’t so smart, I wouldn’t get this far

What to Never Think

  • I don’t know enough
  • What if I fail?
  • Am I doing as well as others?