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VERY COOL: New Gadget That Catches Students Cheating With Their Phones Released!


Teachers no longer have to rely on their eyes and internal instincts to catch cheating students.

In an effort to help educators take back control of the classroom, Berkeley Varitronics Systems has unveiled the PocketHound, a portable cellphone detector designed to let teachers covertly track cheaters.

The PocketHound works by vibrating and lighting up each time there is a nearby transmission from a mobile phone — a sign a cheater could be in action. Once the device is set off, teachers can nab the offender, Berkeley Varitronics Systems says.

The PocketHound, which has a battery life of about 2 hours and costs $500, features an integrated multiband antenna that is hidden under the label. The receiver continually scans all cellphone bands and utilizes a sophisticated algorithm that constantly samples the radio-frequency (RF) noise floor to distinguish real cellular activity from ambient RF noise.

In addition to cracking down on cheaters, Berkeley Varitronics Systems has several different technologies to help schools and parents ensure compliance and increase school safety, including the Wolfhound Pro, a handheld device designed to give parents and law -enforcement officers the ability to track a GPS device that has been attached to a child’s clothing or backpack, and Garrett Metal Detectors, which are intended to allow school security officers to easily confiscate contraband guns, knives and phones.

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